Instagram VS Vine = Facebook VS Twitter

Remember when we all thought Twitter and Facebook were gonna be the be all and end all of social media? that they’d control this new era of sharing and connecting with people across the world via social networks, then came the rise of mobile and the desktop babies (Twitter and Facebook) began to SLIGHTLY lose relevance and most of us have shrugged off Facebook and Twitter with predictions of them dying a bloody spartacus type death to the new mobile era. Well my guess is that they won’t be the hottest social networks for too long but they’ll definitely have some major equity in this new mobile and visual social era either through acquiring the hottest apps (Facebook acquiring Instagram) or being totally bad-ass and creating their own popular mobile based social networks (Twitter making Vine). My guess is that the future of social will be lead by these two Giants in the same way Apple and Microsoft has lead the future of computing, now shall we take a look at the contenders?


Up first we have Instagram, what started out as an iPhone app used to take pictures of your feet and whatever you were eating at any moment became really the 1st leader in the mobile social space and with the visionary leadership of CEO and Founder Kevin Systrom  Instagram rocketed to 30 million iOS users in 18 months and was named iPhone app of the year in 2011. It is one of the best apps for taking and sharing photos from the iPhone. Its square images and assorted image filters let anyone make retro, techno and pretty pictures out of mundane shots of their kids, pets, food. And on that 18th month something great happened, well Mark Zuckerberg decided that this craze of selfies, food and hashtag overloads was too good to pass up on so he made a billion dollar offer to acquire the popular app and they took it.


Now many thought this acquisition was a crazy move by the genius Boy CEO Zuckerberg, but it added to the strengths of Facebook which includes photos, as one of Facebook’s key features that lead to it’s greatness was it’s photo-tagging feature and Facebook remains the place where the most photos are shared on the net. Along with that the acquisition gave Facebook some footing in the increasingly important mobile space. To date instagram is the dominant mobile based social network with a user base of 100 million devoted instagrammers.


Now I’m gonna have an “if only” moment, once upon a time I thought to myself  “you know what would be cool? a social network for gifs” then I threw away the thought and proceeded to eat my warmed cinnamon roll. So said so done, the boys at Twitter decided to take a swing at the mobile video space with their very own creation- Vine. Vine is basically Instagram for Video and in the same way Instagram has turned us all into photographers I’m predicting Vine will turn us all into video editors. To date Vine has 13 million users including me and I find it to be really cool.


Vine is to Twitter what Instagram is to Facebook, their footprint in the mobile social space. It’s kinda like a cougar dating a young catch and saying “he makes me feel young”. Instagram and Vine make Facebook and Twitter feel young in this new and vibrant mobile social space.


Recent reports show that Vine has surpassed Instagram in popularity on twitter in terms of shares to the social network,this could be because unlike Vine videos which can be played directly from twitter, you can’t view an instagram pic directly from twitter anymore, so why bother sharing it? With that said this is still a pretty big statement to the popularity of Vine.

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And directly after hearing that we hear news of Instagram gearing up to release a video feature for the app. Will this make Instagram even more popular or will spreading too thin be their downfall? we’ll see.

The bigger picture here is how Facebook and Twitter have come to be the over-seers of this new social era, having a huge stamp in our daily sharing and connecting, the future of social is definitely mobile and visual and Facebook and Twitter know this very well.