Using Hashtags on Facebook

A hashtag is any word or phrase with a “#” sign attached to it, example #ItsPixelPerfect #FacebookMarketing, hashtags were made popular by the popular social network Twitter and has been their signature feature but has now been adopted by Facebook. Hashtags play as a means of grouping topics and making them easier to find, as one can simply click on or search for a hashtag and see what people are saying about any topic.

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Create Hashtag: Anyone can make anything into a hashtag by adding a # in front of a word, acronym or phrase with no spaces. On Facebook, this is no different. As soon as you use the # symbol a blue box will appear over your tag. Then click Post. Your tag will appear in bold within your status update.

Click Hashtag: After you post your hashtag you can click on it to see who else is using the same hashtag as you and get a glimpse at their opinions on that topic. You can also click on hashtags from other people on Facebook and get the same popup showing you who else on Facebook is using that hashtag, similar to twitter.

Search Hashtag: Hashtags can be searched for using Facebook’s graph search, so make use of hashtags and apply it to each post you make so you can appear in searches, if you make a post about wedding tips, it would help your page a bit to add the hashtag #WeddingTips.

Build Engagement: You can have fun with hashtags and build engagement on your page. Example – If you have a company called “Best” and you want your fans to share old pictures of themselves with you on Facebook you can tell them to post a pic and add the hashtag #BestThrowback and you simply click on the hashtag and view everyone who submitted throwback pics opposed to having them email you pics or posting them on your wall.

Hashtag Your Brand: It doesn’t hurt to have a signature hashtag for your brand, example – we always place the hashtag – #IPP or #ItsPixelPerfect on our post so fans can easily find our content on Facebook.

Hashtags add a fun new dynamic to Facebook marketing and can be used greatly to your advantage.