What is Facebook Edgerank?

Edgerank is Facebook’s algorithm that decides what and where a post shows up in your newsfeed, this is based off of 3 essential variables of the Edgerank algorithm which are Affinity, Weight and Time Decay. We’ll elaborate on each variable below.

Affinity: This measures the relationship and interaction between users, so a post made by your sister will more likely show up in your newsfeed than some random  person you added years ago, so the more you interact with someone on Facebook the more likely they have a chance of showing up in your newsfeed. You can see this relates to brands, if you don’t post content daily that fans find engaging and will interact with the less your chances are of showing up in their newsfeed.

Weight: Different types of posts carry different weights, and the higher the weight the better. The posts that carry the highest weight are Photos/ Videos then Links and finally plain status updates. Weight is also assigned to an action on Facebook and if a fan does an actio with a high weight the more likely your brand will appear in others newsfeed and they are as follows – Share > Comment > Like. This is based off which action takes the most effort from the user.

Time Decay: The older a post is the more it loses value and slowly removes itself from your newsfeed this way users newsfeeds are always kept fresh with new content.

What it all boils down to is to post engaging content that your fans will want to interact with and share with their friends so you can have a prominent position in the news feed. For more info on Edgerank you can view this infographic courtesy of PostRocket