Digicel vs LIME: Who’s better on Social Media?

It's Pixel Perfect

When it comes to telecommunications, Digicel and LIME are in an ongoing (and never ending) battle. They offer similar deals and in this day and age similar customer service. Many Jamaicans have their personal brand that they are loyal to, others have 1 of each (to save credit) and the average Jamaican will say they’re basically the same thing. Similar to politics, different areas are LIME strongholds and others are Digicel strongholds and others are torn down the middle.

As a result of this, We’ve realized that both telecommunications providers try to have a strong presence on social media by having an approachable personality and offering the better customer service. So here it goes


LIME: With 183,592 Likes, LIME interacts their fans by responding to comments made under posts. They maintain a high level of Jamaican-ness by including the dialect in some of their posts. Their posts consist of…

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