Lessons Learned: The Best Way To Help Others Is To Help Yourself

I was watching a Jay Z interview on his YouTube channel Life + Times and he said something I found very profound and that I agreed with fully. When asked about him being accused of not being charitable enough he said “my presence is charity” now this may sound egotistical at first glance but it carries a lot of genuine truth. What he meant by this is that just by him doing what he loves, making out of a violent community and being hugely successful he is inspiring others (myself included) to do the same and in essence helping them get out of their situation.


I agreed with this fully because in my life I have many people who i admire greatly and they have never given me a dollar or sat down with me and given me advice, nor have they directly contributed to my community. Yet just by Steve Jobs being ambitious and passionate enough to build the most innovative company in the world and Kanye West having the self belief, passion and work ethic to make himself the greatest artist in hip hop history it is pushing me to become as great as they are.

When you make it your aim in life to become somebody and create a better situation for yourself you are helping more people than you imagine. I have not achieved a high level of success AS YET but I have friends and strangers who have told me that I have inspired them to “get their shit together” because they see me working diligently everyday towards my goals in life. So imagine someone who is successful and in the public light, they inspire thousands if not millions of people to better themselves with their story, and inspiring action is better charity than a handout.

This should also show you that when you chose to give up on your goals, your letting down a lot of people who could be watching and being inspired by you from a far, so keep pushing and don’t quit, not just for yourself but for the people who are rooting for you. We are all connected somehow and if we wish to make a significant impact and improve the world around us we must first look within and decide to improve ourselves. This one move will result in you inspiring others to do the same and they’ll inspire others and it will go on and on until the dream is realized. The best way to help others is to help yourself.

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”Buddha