Steps To Starting a Business In Jamaica

Starting a business in Jamaica can be a bit confusing and time consuming if you don’t know the exact things to do and seeing that Companies Office Of Jamaica’s website is confusion with a URL I put together these steps for anyone in Jamaica planning on starting a business, here are the steps you need to take.


  1. Register your business at the Companies Office Of Jamaica ( 1 Grenada Way, Kingston 5)

  2. You’ll have the option to register under 3 categories – Sole Proprietor, Partnership and Company

    1. Sole Proprietor registration costs $2500 and you’ll need Form BN1 found here –

    2. Partnership registration costs $5000 and you’ll need Form BN2 found here –

    3. Companies registration costs $24000 upwards and you’ll need Form 1A ( ), Form 2 ( ) and Form 17 ( )

  3. Register with the NIS. You will need to do this first in order to obtain a TRN for your business.

  4. Apply for a TRN. Make sure you bring a valid ID and your personal TRN card

  5. If you plan on taking on employees you’ll need to register with NHT and HEART. You are also required to register if you are self employed.

  6. Register for GCT if you will be involved in taxable activity, under the GCT act you are required to do so. GCT act can be found here –

  7. Apply for a trade license if you plan to operate a retail or wholesale business. You will be charged a fee.

  8. If you plan on applying for Government contracts you must obtain a TCC – Tax Compliance Certificate

Hope this was of help! If not you can call Companies Office Of Jamaica for some help at (876) 908-4419-26