Company Culture: Why We have a Dreamboard

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Gleaner vs Observer: Who’s better on Social Media?

In this Blog post we measure up two of Jamaica’s top newspapers on social media platforms to see who’s doing the best job. Facebook: 28,583 likes, 10,992 TAT (Gleaner) vs 13,080 likes, 1597 TAT… Continue reading

10 Apps you can use to run Facebook Contests

As you should know by now you have to use a 3rd party app to run a Facebook contest or you’ll get punished by Facebook if they catch you breaking the rules. Thankfully… Continue reading

8 Ways To Promote Your Facebook Contest

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Benefits of Facebook Contests

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Do’s and Don’t of Running a Facebook Contest

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Digicel vs LIME: Who’s better on Social Media?

Originally posted on It's Pixel Perfect:
When it comes to telecommunications, Digicel and LIME are in an ongoing (and never ending) battle. They offer similar deals and in this day and age…

Types of Facebook Contest and Case Studies

Photo Contest: How It Works: Photo contests are simple and probably the most popular type of Facebook contests, users / entrants simply upload a picture of themselves and ask friends to vote for them… Continue reading

Business Benefits of Facebook

If you don’t know Facebook by now, you’re a tad bit behind time, Facebook is the number 1 social network in the world with over 1 billion users, yes 1/7th  of the world’s… Continue reading