Using Hashtags on Facebook

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What is Facebook Edgerank?

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Optimize your page for Facebook Graph Search

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Facebook Vocabulary for businesses

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Summary Of Lean Start-Up/ Lean Startup Methodologies

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10 Principles of GOOD Design: braun vs apple

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How to exucute a great Facebook Contest

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Instagram VS Vine = Facebook VS Twitter

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Remember when we all thought Twitter and Facebook were gonna be the be all and end all of social media? that they’d control this new era of sharing…

Facebook Redesigns Page Insights To Give Businesses Clearer, More Actionable Data

Instagram VS Vine = Facebook VS Twitter

Remember when we all thought Twitter and Facebook were gonna be the be all and end all of social media? that they’d control this new era of sharing and connecting with people across the world via social networks, then came the rise of mobile and the desktop babies (Twitter and Facebook) began to SLIGHTLY lose relevance and most of us have shrugged off Facebook and Twitter with predictions of them dying a bloody spartacus type death to the new mobile era. Well my guess is that they won’t be the hottest social networks for too long but they’ll definitely have some major equity in this new mobile and visual social era either through acquiring the hottest apps (Facebook acquiring Instagram) or being totally bad-ass and creating their own popular mobile based social networks (Twitter making Vine). My guess is that the future of social will be lead by these two Giants in the same way Apple and Microsoft has lead the future of computing, now shall we take a look at the contenders?